ProPress Products Will Save You Time and Money.

Various Viega ProPress Products on Display

Today, if you go on any plumbing website or forum, you will find many interesting discussions about traditional plumbing versus new methods.  Which is better?  What are the pros and cons offered by Pex fittings over PVC, Copper, Iron etc. and vice versa.

The latest debate we see consistently is should you be using threaded or ProPress fittings?  If you are looking for answers to these questions, it lies within each project.

Picture of the front entrance at Aims Community College

In the case of the large expansion project at Aims Community College in Greeley, Colorado, the 75,000 square foot total project that housed a welding building and a three-story structure called for threading the pipe.

Golden Triangle Construction Project Manager Todd Self realized the project was going over budget and needed to look at other alternatives to save time and money.  The answer was in ProPress fittings instead of threaded fittings.

“When it was over budget, I looked at what we could substitute,” Todd said.  Ricky Maynard who was the plumbing foreman on the job gave praise to ProPress products and said, “Its faster because no hot work permits are needed and running the water pipe in a three-story building would have taken two or three times as long to do it.” ¹

When it comes to the bottom line, the speed and ease of use as compared to threaded pipe or soldering is making a difference at the end of the day.

The Nelson Stark Company was recently working on a modular construction project at Mercy Health – West Hospital in Cincinnati, OH.

Construction site of Mercy Health - West Hospital

According to Jeff Read, Vice President at Nelson Stark, “The installers put together each run of pipe for the 150-foot corridors with the fittings but didn’t press them.  Once it was sized and laid out correctly, they attached the fittings to the rack so that when the racks arrived at the hospital construction site, all our installers had to do was make the connections.” ²

They found the speed and versatility of ProPress installation to be a major benefit.  The construction at West Hospital consisted of 60 plumbers.  The plumbers installed regular stainless pipe fittings, ProPress copper fittings, as well as transition fittings for potable water at the facility.

Another reason why Nelson Stark chose ProPress is the system is flameless and has no need for welding or threading, and can be installed simultaneously.  With the hospital project on a very tight schedule, using ProPress fittings allowed for a shorter completion window from a labor standpoint.

The big question about ProPress fittings is the cost.  Is it right for you?  There is a decent size investment when it comes to the press tools.  For example, the Ridgid RP 340 Press Tool can cost up to $2,000 or more for certain model kits.

The RIDGID RP 340 is the only standard sized tool that offers a full line of jaws and rings compatible with: ½ – 4” ProPress for cu & ss, ½” – 2” PureFlow for PEX, and ½” – 2” MegaPress for steel.

Whatever investment option you choose, there is no denying the time saved in labor with faster installs.

“Being able to use the same tool press on both stainless steel and copper fittings was a huge benefit,” said Project Executive Todd Elliot at Nelson Stark. ³  Using the same tool for stainless, copper, and transition fittings, Nelson Stark’s installers saved a lot of time and kept them on schedule to complete projects on time.

Speaking of time, ProPress fittings are getting a reputation for speeding up installs, so we want to share with you how fast making a connection can be.

You can literally make a connection with ProPress wet or dry in under 7 seconds!

Here is how:

ProPress picture stating it can be pressed in under 7 seconds.

  • Cut your pipe square and fully insert it.

First step in cutting and inserting a ProPress Fitting

  • Mark the pipe where it meets the edge of the fitting.

Person marking a ProPress pipe for pressing.

  • Place your ProPress fitting inside the Rigid Press tool’s jaws and squeeze.

ProPress Jaws Press tool creating a connection.

  • Just like that, your water or air-tight connection is made.

Now that we have given you a few time-saving examples of the impact of ProPress, lets go over the many benefits of using it.

Why you should use ProPress fittings for your plumbing installation jobs:

  • Much faster than soldering
  • Safer–no flame
  • Cleaner–no solder, flux
  • Convenient–one tool, one source of fittings
  • Over 25 years of proven performance worldwide
  • Meets/exceeds industry standards
  • Speeds installation time dramatically with press connections completed in as little as seven seconds.
  • Consistent press connections mean water-tight and gas-tight joints every time.
  • Patented Smart Connect feature identifies unpressed connections so they are not left behind.
  • Thousands of professionals are using the ProPress System to improve installation time.

If you would like to share your experiences with ProPress products, feel free to leave a comment below.  We would love to hear your feedback!

If you wish to learn more about our Viega ProPress and Viega ProPress G products, please email us at or call us at 888-224-4495.

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